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Minnelli Lucy France | Art

Minnelli Lucy France is a fantasy / imaginative realism artist; creating her fantasy and sci fi art work as an (oil painter & graphite pencil artist). She has been a full-time freelance artist since 2014, and lives in Florida. 

Under her artist name "MinnelliillustratioN" and formerly "La Maison Juju" she creates her cartoon world. The illustrations of her little cartoon flowers are her trademark but she also creates a zillion other characters for her storybooks, comics, graphic novels and zine. She sometimes makes hand-made dolls, ceramics, and tons of other goodies with her characters. 

Minnelli loves to write and so she started her "Books by Minnelli" for all of the books she has or plans to put out. Most of her books are illustrated but she has also started a novel or two with her pen name "Minnie France". 

Finally Minnelli has her (botanical, nautical, and mineral) illustration art work under her first and last name "Minnelli France | illustration" to distinguish it from her complete name which is used for her fantasy art. 

Minnelli Lucy France