Minnelli was born in Miami in (1977) making her a part of the Xennial- microGeneration. She was raised in her family owned flower businesses of which there were two locations which also dually operated and fully co-functioned as another type of business. Besides these experiences she also had many years of working heavily in the computer science field and the computer industry, She ran her own very successful freelance graphic design business for four years in the late 90's and early 2000's, while working a full-time job. She held several executive administrative clerical positions in the building construction and development fields; and years later Minnelli graduated with her A.A. degree from Florida Keys Community College in Key West Florida; Two years later she graduated with honors from F.I.U. in Miami, Florida obtaining her B.A. in Public Administration and her Cert. in Professional Leadership in December of (2012) at age 35. It was at this time that the recession was ending but still waving a bit to strong in the workforce and she couldn't find work in her field for several years. She was at a cross-road when she got accepted into Florida Atlantic University to obtain her Master's Degree in Public Administration, and also registered at her Alma Mater F.I.U. for the LSAT to get into law school which saddened her deeply as this wasn't the road she wanted and so she withdrew from both. In (2014) she began her art journey without realizing it at first that it was happening, but it intensified and at age 37 that same year she decided to train herself to be a skilled painter and illustrator and has never stopped; she says that "art was her destiny".

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