Minnelli Lucy France is a full-time, freelance (fine-artist and illustrator) based in Florida. She has one nickname since Jr. High "Minnie" but most often she goes by her middle name "Lucy", because her first name is long and gets mispronounced often. Her artist handle is “LaMaisonJuju” with which she operates her cartoon illustration business with. Each of her brands have a special name and logo.

Minnelli operates her (5) Art Brands from her art studio.

logo 5 brands.png

Minnelli specializes in the following areas;

1. [HERSELF THE FLOWER] : The Fantasy Sci-fi Art of Minnelli Lucy France. “I paint anthropomorphic plants set in my magical paracosms”.  - Minnelli Lucy France

2. [PAINTING BUTTERFLIES] :  She's a contemporary wildlife artist  (specializing in Anthophila and Lepidoptera). 

3. [MINNELLI’S GARDEN] : She's a Botanical Artist & Botanical Scientific Illustrator; Her main specialties are in botanical art however, she also illustrates light, and minerals. She teaches botanical scientific illustration and in the future will be launching her own online school via this website.

4. [LuSea] : She's a marine wildlife fine artist and illustrator. “LuSea” is a portmanteau of her middle name (which she mainly goes by), and the sea.

5. [LA MAISON JUJU] She works under her artist handle “LaMaisonJuju” - Minnelli is a cartoonist, and developed her own line of cartoons. Her cartoons and doll making with a major dip in several types of street and urban art is where it all began for her as an artist, also her very first e-book. She has her own indie/Indy Comic Strip, Mini-comics, and a zillion other projects with her cartoons!


* Resume is available upon request for galleries or art directors only.