Fleur Diabolique

Fleur Diabolique © 2018 Minnelli Lucy France.png
Fleur Diabolique © 2018 Minnelli Lucy France.png

Fleur Diabolique

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This is a digital (open edition) print of my digitally painted illustration of “Fleur Diabolique” meaning the Devil’s Flower in French.

*It doesn't come framed.
*The watermarks and text are not on the product.
*It comes signed by the artist.
*It comes in a protective acid free photography cello sleeve.
*It is printed on fine art, archival, acid free paper.
*It is printed directly by the artist with a Canon, using only Canon ChromaLife 100+ archival fine art inks.
*This item is shown in low res.

Please avoid placement in direct sunlight, and using UV glass is highly recommended but not necessary.
Please also avoid placement where exposure to the natural elements may occur as well as moisture, humidity, smoke, etc.. It is best placed in an air-conditioned room for example.

*All artwork, images and content are "officially" registered as Copyright the artist and if infringed upon legal action will occur! All Rights Are Reserved. 
*Sale of this item does not transfer copyright.

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