This blog post originally posted on my former Word Press Blog on November 13, 2017.

I wanted to share a few little ceramics that I made, while I was waiting for a few of my paintings to dry.

I wanted something for a certain spot in my studio and so I made "Hanging Blooms". They are little flowers that hang from a frame like they popped out of a portrait or something.

This first one here is "Golden Bloom" and she's such a little happy flower!


This next one is "Red Bloom" and she loves music!


"Fiesta Bloom" loves her butterfly friends!


"Puff Bloom" he is a boy flower and he falls asleep in the afternoon.


Here's all of them on my studio wall.


Next I made moons of course, and those of you whom follow my work know how much I adore moons *eehhhheeemmm "whispers - my comic" hint hint!

These are the Glimmer Moons - I made them as magnets for my fridge. I later un-glued the magnet part from behind each one of them and then re-glued them all onto a wooden stick and called it a moon-stick, go figure.


These two here are "Sheri" and "Reflection". That's funny I just remembered that Mr. Rob Zombie's wife is named "Sheri-Moon Zombie". Well now there is a little ceramic moon the size of a quarter named after her. Oh I forgot to mention that all of these images have the incorrect website on them; you see my illustration world lives at Minnelliillustration.com so I made these little things before I purchased my new domain.


Next two little moons are: "Ren & Rex" these two love tell jokes to each-other.


Okay now for the last little moon named "Dottie" she wants a pet plant next to her, but I keep telling her that I can't risk her getting water on her! She also loves whistling.



Alright so now I have one more tiny little thing to show you, and it's kind of lets just say rustic looking, yeah I'll go with that adjective. I love my large collection of gem-rocks, and minerals, etc... that I have in many various sizes. I have a little rose quartz by my desk in my art studio, and I needed a place for her and so I had a little clay left over.


This one has my corrected website address on it.

I love the gold color!

I know it looks a little "rustic" like I said, but I really like the energy from my hands on the clay like this, and most especially since it holds such a precious little mineral.

I will be posting in a few weeks about my artsy ceramics that I made but for now these little cuties will have to do.

Farewell and Thanks for reading!

What little goodies have you made with clay?...


Oooops! I forgot to add these final ones so I had to edit this post from an hour ago.

They are my Little Golden Flower Pins.


They are the size of a dime-coin, and have very good quality nickel-free pin backings. I actually gave (3) of them away as gifts to loved ones. I kept one though because they are just so cute and are very sparkly.