Mr. Voodoo Moon

Mr. Voodoo Moon

La Maison Juju which is also written as LaMaisonJuju, is the handle of artist Minnelli Lucy France, and this is also the name of her illustration “brand” / business.

Under “La Maison Juju” she creates many lines/collections that are organized as follows;

 “The Mood Flower” - Flower Toons Logo

“The Mood Flower” - Flower Toons Logo

  • Flower Toons - her line of flower cartoons. Her “Flower Toons” have many collections and series =

    ZINE - (Flower’s & Their Powers),

    ZINE - (Strange Flowers),

    MINI COMIC - (Plant Talk),

    COMIC STRIP - (The Flower Shop),

    ART - (many acrylic paintings), and (painted illustrations in traditional media such as watercolors or mixed media), etc… (digital paintings),

    (story books), and much more.

    STORY BOOKS - (read above).

    PORTRAIT COMMISSIONS - her style of cartoons gains portrait commissions and examples are in the WORK tab in the front page of this website.

  • Caramello-Landia - These are her candies from her candy world and they are

    (paintings), (painted illustrations), and her

    (webcomics on the Webtoons platform).

  • “Other” characters and stories - These are many different characters that she creates for story books that she writes.

  • Project “A” - a new section for LaMaisonJuju - a new secret project.

  • LaMaisonJuju - graphic novel - in the making…

  • Fiber Art / Fiber Art & Crafts Studio - ooak handmade dolls and more.