Punky Flowers

“Punky Flowers” is a new series of mine that will include (digital, traditional artwork and a zine). The first acrylic painting will be a new Timelapse on my YouTube channel soon.

Punky Flowers 1 © Minnelli Lucy France sm2.png

Inktober 2018

I’m participating in my very first drawing challenge this year, in Inktober 2018. I’m posting timelapse videos on my YouTube channel for LaMaisonJuju, and I’m also posting them on my Instagram. At the end of the challenge I will be making a video sketchbook tour. I don’t want to make any stickers or print anything with them because they are not of high quality. I am using a very good sketchbook that I like a-lot and I will be reviewing that brand among others in a video soon. I am still seeing which materials work best with that sketchbook.

I talk about my Inktober related things on my channel.

Flower With Violet Eyes

Just made a new flower toon today!

I will be posting a little time-lapse video of her making on my cartoon YT channel.

flower with violet eyes sm.png


I just published my very first web-mini-comic on the Webtoons platform! The series is titled: Candy Space and the first episode is "Planet Choco". 

The link is here: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/candy-space/list?title_no=218518


Webtoon announcment.jpg

The Shimmer Dolls

These one-of-a-kind hand-made dolls are titled: The Shimmer Dolls. I have been making hand-sewn dolls from scratch since I was in my early teens, and throughout my life I have continued to make them. I learned to machine sew just a few years ago when I got my first Singer sewing machine. These Shimmer Dolls are the hand-made version of my project that I am now illustrating. This is a project in the making, and no additional information can be released at the present time. 

*see gallery under [Cartoons - Dolls].

(see YouTube Video on these dolls) [Links - Cartoons - YouTube].

The Shimmer Dolls by Minnelli Lucy France - cerise.png
The Shimmer Dolls by Minnelli Lucy France - iris.png
The Shimmer Dolls by Minnelli Lucy France - ulahe mini fairies.png

Fiberfitti - A Story Tree (Eat, Drink, & be Merry)!

In 2015 I participated in a street art festival in Venice Beach, Florida called "The Sarasota [now Venice Beach] Street Art Chalk Fest." I performed as a Madonnari and painted a 9ftx12ft chalk piece, plus I created (it took me 3 months to complete but only a 1/2 day to install) a street art installation I titled "Fiberfitti" the full title of the piece was registered as copyright and officially titled" Fiberfitti A Story Tree - Eat, Drink, & Be Merry. The theme of the Fest that year in 2015 was "Eat, Drink, and be Merry, and so I went with that theme. The tree I chose was very symbolic to me as it was a very young "Sabal Palm". I stenciled my iconic "Flower Face" on a yarn I crocheted into a large square to form the face of the installation. I crocheted all of the panels in single and double stitch-patterns, and hand-sewed each doll from scratch even the poppets because many doll making folks just buy a blank poppet and decorate it. I have been making dolls for years and enjoy every last detail being made from scratch! I also hand sewed and designed all the the felt play food pieces. The dolls also had clay items that I created and painted from scratch too using DAS Italian clay. The hair for each, I also handmade as-well as the painted faces. The chalk piece was from a "Kawaii" phase I went through as an artist and was a character I created for the chalk piece titled: The Tutti Frutti Dance. I added chalk glitter to the piece which was so much fun! I performed these works under my street artist name: "LaMaisonJuju".

Minnelli Lucy France - story tree fiberfitti 8..jpg
street painting mlf2.jpg
Minnelli Lucy France - story tree fiberfitti 3..jpg
Minnelli Lucy France - story tree fiberfitti 6..jpg
Minnelli Lucy France - story tree fiberfitti 4..jpg
Minnelli Lucy France - story tree fiberfitti 5..jpg
street art dolls minnelli lucy france 19.png