Fiberfitti - A Story Tree (Eat, Drink, & be Merry)!

In 2015 I participated in a street art festival in Venice Beach, Florida called "The Sarasota [now Venice Beach] Street Art Chalk Fest." I performed as a Madonnari and painted a 9ftx12ft chalk piece, plus I created (it took me 3 months to complete but only a 1/2 day to install) a street art installation I titled "Fiberfitti" the full title of the piece was registered as copyright and officially titled" Fiberfitti A Story Tree - Eat, Drink, & Be Merry. The theme of the Fest that year in 2015 was "Eat, Drink, and be Merry, and so I went with that theme. The tree I chose was very symbolic to me as it was a very young "Sabal Palm". I stenciled my iconic "Flower Face" on a yarn I crocheted into a large square to form the face of the installation. I crocheted all of the panels in single and double stitch-patterns, and hand-sewed each doll from scratch even the poppets because many doll making folks just buy a blank poppet and decorate it. I have been making dolls for years and enjoy every last detail being made from scratch! I also hand sewed and designed all the the felt play food pieces. The dolls also had clay items that I created and painted from scratch too using DAS Italian clay. The hair for each, I also handmade as-well as the painted faces. The chalk piece was from a "Kawaii" phase I went through as an artist and was a character I created for the chalk piece titled: The Tutti Frutti Dance. I added chalk glitter to the piece which was so much fun! I performed these works under my street artist name: "LaMaisonJuju".

Minnelli Lucy France - story tree fiberfitti 8..jpg
street painting mlf2.jpg
Minnelli Lucy France - story tree fiberfitti 3..jpg
Minnelli Lucy France - story tree fiberfitti 6..jpg
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