Minnelli’s Other Art Hats

 This website (www.MinnelliLucyFrance.com) is strictly dedicated to her fantasy artwork for her brand (Herself The Flower), however Minnelli also wears a few other art hats as she has two other art brands besides her fantasy art, she has Shimmer Land Art and Minnelli Lucy France Illustration. She is a published scientific illustrator, and internationally collected botanical artist. She teaches botanical scientific illustration workshops and plans to teach it online via her own website in the future. (Her 3 art brands are listed below).

MLF info.png

Natural Science Illustrator

Botanical Artist / Botanical Scientific Illustrator/ / Marine Wildlife Illustrator / and Insecta (Entomology) illustrator.

Minnelli Lucy France | Illustration

Her selected scientific works can be seen on her Adobe Portfolio website and on the Behance platform.

Adobe Portfolio (click here)

Herself The Flower - fantasy and sci-fi artwork brand (You Are Here)

email: herselftheflower@outlook.com / website: www.MinnelliLucyFrance.com

Minnelli Lucy France | Illustration - scientific + general illustration brand (painting science)

email: mlfranceartstudio@outlook.com / website: http://minnellilucyfrance.myportfolio.com

Shimmer Land Art - cartoonist illustrator and whimsical fine artist

email: shimmerlandart@outlook.com / website: http://www.ShimmerLandArt.com