Minnelli’s Other Art Hats

 This website (www.MinnelliLucyFrance.com) is strictly dedicated to her fantasy artwork (Herself The Flower), however Minnelli also wears a few other art hats. Besides her fantasy and scientific art, she has a line of work that can be described somewhere between pop surrealism combined with her work as a cartoonist, and has great plans in the future to build that brand up as well. She is also a published scientific illustrator, and internationally collected botanical artist. She teaches botanical scientific illustration workshops and plans to teach it online via her own website in the future.

MLF info.png

Natural Science Illustrator

Botanical Artist / Botanical Scientific Illustrator/ / Marine Wildlife Illustrator / and Insecta (Entomology) illustrator.

Her selected scientific works can be seen on her Adobe Portfolio website and on the Behance platform.

Adobe Portfolio (click here)